Friday, June 4, 2010

hi everyone!

I'm so excited that you guys actually read my story/stories! It's pretty awesome. I'd like to hear your thoughts and ideas about anything. Especially I'd like to know how you picture the characters to look like...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chapter 6. I Think... I'm High

This time I didn't need strong soap or Fippa's nail polish remover. Instead I saved his number in my phone. Who would have thought that I had Sidney Crosby's number.

I took me two weeks and 3 cities to gain enough courage to do anything. But one night, before our second show in Montreal, I texted him:

Good luck. Hope you'll score alteast 1

I changed into my first costume and while I was adding more black eyeshadow my cell beeped. One message received.

Now I will. I'll call u later.

He'll call me.

Yes, he did score and he assisted twice. And yes, he did call me. And after that he called me every night. We talked about everything and I realized that he got to know me pretty well. Just by listening to my voice he knew if something was bothering me. One night he asked me: "What's wrong?"

"I don't. I just think that there might be something wrong with my knee. It was quite painful to dance." I sighed.

"maybe you should let a doctor check it." he said,

"I hate doctors." I sighed.

"I bet Kayley would love to hear that." Sidney laughed.

Kayley was my Aussie sister-in-law. I had told Sidney about her and how they met with my brother.

"Well she's an exception." I laughed.

Kayley is a doctor specialized in sports injuries. Since she married my brother, Niklas, 5 years ago she's worked in a private clinic in Helsinki.

"But Netsie for real, you should see a doctor. I hate to know you're in pain."

I should have listened to him. it happened suddenly, without any warning. The pain was so overwhelming that I almost fainted. Somehow I managed to get off the stage and when I knew that the audience couldn't see me anymore I collapsed on the floor. It felt like my whole leg was on fire.

"Oh shit." I gasped.

This wasn't good. I couldn't stand up and even moving the leg hurt.

"What happened?" Our stage manager came to me.

She looked worried. And she had a good reason. I was pale as a ghost and the pain almost made me pass out.

"I don't know. Something's wrong with me knee. I can't move it." I whispered.

"I'll get you some ice. Should I call an ambul...."

That's all I heard. I passed out.

I woke up in a moving vehicle which turned out to be an ambulance. Oona, one of the Finnish dancers, was with me.

"Kauanka ma oon ollu taju kankaalla?" (How long I've been passed out?)

"15 minuuttia." (15 minutes :) ) she answered-

We were both still in our ballet dresses.

"Ne anto sulle jotain kipulääkettä." (They gave you something for the pain."

I was glad. I didn't feel any pain. But I was extremely sleepy. It was har to keep my eyes open.

"On muuten tehokas lääke." (This drug is pretty effective.)

Oona giggled because I sounded like I was drunk.

"Näyttää ja kuulostaa siltä." (Looks and sounds like it.)

I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I spent the night in the hospital. When I woke up Fippa sat next to me on the edge of me bed. The room was full of flowers.

"Good morning you drama queen." she said when I opened my eyes.

"Morning. What time is it?"

"9.15. Girls were here but you were asleep. They brought flowers. Vicky bought white lilies though I said that they're funeral flowers. And since your breathing you're not dead."

"They're really pretty. Say thank you to the girls. How did you survive the rest of the show?"

"Vicky danced your solo. We did just fine."

"Good." I sighed in relief.

"And you're not that important." She teased me.

"Ha ha!"

"By the way, mr. Crosby called last night and I told him what happened. He was pretty upset."

"He was?"

"Oh yeah. But I told him that it's not that serious. You just can't stand pain-"

It was true. I pass out easily when I'm in pain. Once I fainted when a bee stang me. I overact but I can't help it. My body just refuses to function in pain.

"Do you know what the doctors said?" I asked because hadn't seen anyone in a white coat.

"They said it's ACL injury. Sucks to be you."

ACL injury was pretty bad and it sure did feel that way too. Thank goodness I was okay now lying on the hospital bed and heavily medicated.

"Did I already tell you that he's coming?" Filippa asked and waited for my reaction.

I almost jumped off the bed.

"What did you say?"

She smiled innocently.

"Last night when I called him, he said he was coming here to kick your ass for not taking his advice about seeing a doctor."

I rolled my eyes. " I thought you were serious."

"I am. He said he's going to fly here. I think his plane landed about 15 minutes ago."

What?! Sidney was here in Montreal! And just because of my stupid knee.

"You're not seriously telling me that he spends his precious day off by sitting on a plane to come to see me lying on a hospital bed You're just teasing, right?"

"He is coming. I'm not kidding." I wished I could rip that annoying smile off her face.

"Fippa, did you tell him to come?"



"I might have said something..."

"Fippa!" I screamed.

"But it was his idea entirely. I just said that you'd like him to be here. Oh, don't give me that look. I've seen you when you're on the phone with him. You're like in seventh heaven."

"Shut up. He's coming only because he felt obligated. Thanks to you and your big mouth. This is his day off. He could have done something fun and relaxing."

Now it was Filippa's turn to roll eyes.

"You know what, he's coming and there's nothing I could've done to stop him. He really wanted to come."

"Yeah right." i mumbled.

"Trust me hon. He's really smitten over you."

i bursted into laughter.

"Who talks like that anymore?"

"I do." She said and stack her tongue out.

I hear his voice before I saw him. He was talking with Filippa right outside my room and the door was open.

"So how's the patient?" he asked.

"Stubborn, high on drugs and such a baby." Filippa whispered extremely loud so I could hear.

Sidney chuckled. I tried to calm myself down. Talking on the phone wiht him wasn't so bad anymore, but seeing him made my heart beat like it was playing a techno song. He stood in the doorway and smiled. Have I mentioned that that boy can smile?

"Hi." was all he said.

"Hi." I answered. I must have looked like a mess in a hospital gown and my hair looking like hobbit hair.

He stepped in and came next to my bed. It was so weird to see him. We've talked on the phone for hours but seeing him was quite strange. There was a chair in the corner and he pulled it next to my bed and sat down.

"Are you still in pain?" he asked. I could see concern in his eyes. I shoke my head.

"They've given me so much painkillers that it's hard to even know that I have a knee. I think they amputated everything from hips to toes." I giggled. The last shot of medicine, the nurse gave me about half an hour age, made my really giggly.

"You really are high." He laughed.

That made me giggle some more. I was high on the painkillers and him being here.

"Fippa told me it's ACL injury."

"Yep. The doctor said it might need surgery. And that means my season's over." I sighed. The thought of not dancing for months made me sad and frustrated.

He squeezed my hand. It felt so comforting. His skin was warm and soft.

"I think I know haw you feel. I got injured last year. It's so frustrating." he said. He kept my hand in his.

I started to giggle again.

"You could be playing golf but instead your at the hospital."

"I don't like golf in November." He smiled.

I like you in November. Of course I didn't say that out loud. I wasn't that high.

"Well you could be fixing your Toyota Corola." I joked.

"My 'Toyota Corola' is just fine."

He was still holding my hand. I think I could get used to this, having him near me holding my hand and looking at me like that.

"I hit a tree with a Toyota Corola once." I said.

"You did?"

"Yeah but my grandma must have moved the tree, because, I swear, it wasn't there earlier."

he laughed. I was glad I made him laugh. It felt nice.

"You do know you're pretty cute, right."

That caught me off guard. He just called me cute. Maybe there was something wrong with my ears.

"I get that a lot when I'm wearing as cool as this hospital gown."

"I'm not surprised." He laughed.

In that moment I realized what a lucky girl I was.