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And here's vicky

About the characters... Fippa

I decided to post couple links to pictures of the characters. Or at least how I picture them.

First: Filippa
(the person in the picture is a Finnish actor Laura Birn, but in my mind Fippa looks like her.)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chapter 5. I think... I Like Tom Yum

It took 6 weeks before I met him again. We were in Toronto. I had just changed into my normal clothes (pair of jeans and a black top) and I was checking my costumes. Usually I managed to to break atleast on zipper, because we had to change costumes in hurry. It was like a fashion show. Sometimes we only had less than 30 seconds and it occasionally resulted quite interesting apparels. Like today I had trouble getting my ballet shoes off quick enough so I had to dance hip hop bare feet.

Filippa came to me with a weird smile on her face.

"You have a visitor." she whispered.

I turned around and there he was. Oh boy. He had a beautiful tulip bouquet in his hands.

"I wanted to bring these personally." he said

I was stunned. Filippa left us alone whispering into my ear that "You have to tell me EVERYTHING when you'll get back."

"Thank you." I gasped and took the flowers.

I was normally a sane person with ability to have a conversation without looking like an idiot. Sidney Crosby had this annoying power over me. He turned me into a 3-year-old.

"You're welcome."

"What are you doing here? I mean, shouldn't you be playing against the leafs?"

Ops! Now he knew that I knew his game schedule.

"The game's over already and I gave only one interview." he explained.


"I saw the last 5 minutes of your show and I have to brag that I was right."

"About what?" I asked confused.

"About you being a great dancer."

"Oh." Stop saying oh!

"Fippa told me you're always hungry after the show so I made a reservation."

I raised my eyebrows. What?


Sidney chuckled. I guess he found my reaction amusing.

"I got her number from Jordan." he explained.

He didn't ask me why I hadn't called or emailed him. I was relieved.

"So will you have dinner with me?"

I was extremely hungry, but truth to be told, dinner with him scared me. I wasn't the most ladylike person when it came to eating. I eat a lot and usually too fast. And when I eat it is really hard for me to keep up with the conversation. I am so concentrated on the food. What can I say, I love food.

Apparently he took my silence as yes.

"Come on. The car's waiting outside."

I followed him outside. A silver Mercedes Benz was parked right outside the doors.

"That's a nice car." I said and he smiled.

"It's my friends car. I just borrowed it for tonight."

"Wow, if any of my friends had a Mercedes, they would never let my drive it." I laughed.

"Why not?"

"Cars aren't my friends. I think I've scratched every single one I've driven."

He laughed? Why? Was I even funny? Most likely not, he was just being polite.

He opened the front door for me. The seat was made of leather, Everything about the interior made me catch my breath. Sidney sat next to me and started the engine.

"It must be fun to drive this thing after your Toyota Corola." I joked. I knew he had a carage full of expensive cars. Just like every other professional male athlete.

For awhile we drove silently. I started to relax. Sitting next to him wasn't so bad. It was actually quite nice. I could smell his cologne. I don't know why but I just love men's colognes. Sometimes when I'm shopping I go and smell them in a some department store.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked breaking the silence.

"You'll see." he said and gave me a mysterious smile.

I wanted to tease him, because he seemed to be so confident and sure of himself.

"I hope you know that I'm on a strict diet. I can only eat fresh vegetables." I said matter of factly.

"Right." He nodded.

"And.. they have to be green vegetables and... organic... and from Argentina." I continued.

"Tango dancing vegetables from Buenos Aires. I'm sure they can serve you that." He said with a straight face.

"I hope they're not that fresh." I laughed.

He gave me a quick glance.

"You have a nice laugh." He said.

"Thanks. I've practiced a lot."

He parked the car in front of what looked like a Thai restaurant. I noticed that there was a sign saying that the place was closed.

"Um.. it's closed." I said. I was a bit disappointed because I love Thai food.

"Not for us."

First I didn't realize that he took my hand and pulled me to the door. After a knock a tiny Thai lady with a huge smile came to open the door. She welcomed us and let us in. When we sat down she brought us our food.

"I ordered the food on the phone." He said.

"How did you know that Tom Yum soup is my favorite?" I asked surprised.

"I did some research." he said and smiled. I liked his smile. It looked like everything in him was smiling.

The food was divine. I managed to eat properly though I had to remind myself to slow down.

"Did they close this place just for us?" I asked.

He nodded. Wow! So the dinner would cost much more than just the price of Tom Yum, chicken with roasted garlic and rice.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked seriously.

"Because next time when I'll write my number on your hand, I want you to actually call me."

Chapter 4. I Think.... Reebok Is a Great Brand

First show in LA was over and curtains were finally closed. As I was heading to our dressing room Vicky gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses.

“These came for you. There’s a card.” she explained.

I took the flowers surprised and smelled them. I guess that’s just something you have to do when someone gives you flowers. I saw a small white envelope and there was a piece of paper.

I hope you had a great show.
You’re on my mind.
A knight in a shining armor

“So… Who sent them?” Vicky asked with a teasing smile.

As if she didn’t know. Everyone in the company knew. Filippa had made sure of it right after the night we spend with them in New York.

“There is no name.” I was not going to admit that Mr. S. Crosby had sent me flowers. Vicky rolled her eyes.

After this, I got flowers from him after every show. It became a pattern and for my embarrassment all I could here was the company teasing me.

“Sköna blommor,” (Swedish: beautiful flowers)
“Sä sait kivoja kukkia,” (Finnish: Someone sent you nice flowers)

They did it on purpose knowing how embarrassed I was. Vicky and Filippa were the worst. They had “accidently” (as they put it) highlighted the dates from my calendar when we were suppose to be performing in the same city as where the pens were playing. I was surprised how much effort they put into this teasing thing, since Filippa knew nothing about hockey and Vicky absolutely loathed it. Her ex was huge hockey fan. He had turned out to be a major a**hole, and now she hated everything he liked. So knowing all this, made me wonder why on earth they would spend time on the internet finding game schedules and buying me a Reebok shirt.

“This is a great brand” they said when they had found out Reebok was Sidney’s sponsor.

I didn’t even have his number or email since I washed my hand with extra strong soap and even used some nail polish remover. So there was no way I could ask him to stop sending flowers. Filippa and Vicky would be pleased.

Don’t get me wrong. I was really flattered. Someone like him would send me flowers, lots of flowers. But knowing that he meant nothing serious, made me feel uncomfortable. It wasn’t a romantic gesture. He was just having fun. I was sure of it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chapter 3. I Think... He's Flirting with Me

Filippa looked surprised.

"What do you mean you you know him?"

i couldn't answer. I was so embarrassed. I just happened to make a fool of myself in front of someone who basically was the face of NHL! Oh how I wished I could crawl into a small hole and newer ever come out.

"Netta, who is he?" Filippa asked again curiously.

"No one. I mean you're from Denmark so you don't know him."

"How does me being from Denmark mean that I don't know him??"

"He plays hockey."

"Mmm... Well you do know that there actually are people in Denmark who play hockey."

"Yeah. And how many are there? 5?" I snorted.

"Very funny. But just for your information, your friends are walking towards us."

My heart literally skipped a beat. Filippa gave them a big smile. I, on the other hand, tried to look everywhere expect at them.

"Hi." Jordan Staal said smiling.

"Hi. Thank you for saving my friend today. She can be a bit dumb sometimes." Filippa said and I could hear from the tone of her voice that she was intentionally trying to tease me.

"Hey, that's what knights in shining armors are for." Sidney Crosby with a twinkle in his eye.

I could feel my cheeks turn red. Sidney "hockey god" Crosby was making fun of me.

"Are these seats taken?" Jordan asked.

Unfortunately for me they weren't taken.

"I guess they are now." Filippa smiled and the guys sat down. I kicked her under the table but she didn't even react. Just smiled like an idiot.

"By the way, I'm Sidney and he is Jordan.

"Nice to meet you both. I'm Filippa, but please call me Fippa."

They all turned to me expecting that I would introduce myself. Filippa gave me "a say something you dumb-ass" look. I shrugged.

"I'm Netta."

"Where're you guys from?" I mean I don't recognize your accents." Sidney asked.

I was sure he meant only my accent because atleast to me Filippa sounded like every other Scandinavian person.

"I'm from Denmark." Filippa told. They talked about that Metallica dude and that Danish model, Helena Christensen. I was almost convinced that they had forgotten my existence, but no.

"Netta, are you from Denmark too?" Sidney asked looking straight into my eyes.

That look, for some reason, made my heart beat faster and at the same time skip a beat. This was so weird.

"Um... No. I'm from Finland." I muttered.

I wondered why I couldn't act like a normal person. I felt that there was a huge IDIOT sign on my forehead. I sighed and continued trying not to mutter, stutter or just freak out.

"I grew up in Australia so that's why I sound so... um... strange I guess."

"I guess you're a mixture then." Sidney smiled friendly.

Yep. Mixture of pure dumbness and stupidity.

"She really is." Filippa said. She looked pleased for I was talking instead of staring at the tablecloth.

"I mean, her mom is a Swedish speaking Finn, her dad's "a regular" and she grew up inDown Under."

Ok. This was weird. Why were we talking about me so much? Filippa saw my discomfort.

"So what do you guys do for living?" she asked and Sidney and Jordan looked surprised.

"We play hockey." Jordan said and gave Sidney a look.

"Oh. That's cool. I come from a country where, according to Netta, are only 5 people who play hockey. So I know nothing about it. But I'm a huge sports fan, though." she chatted.

There is something extraordinary about her. When people are around her they smile more. Just like these guys.

"What about you guys? Why are you so far from home?" Jordan asked.

"We're part of a dance company, We're touring North America." I explained trying to keep my eyes only on Jordan. For reason he didn't make me feel like a total nut case. Maybe because he was a lot like my older brother: huge.

"What kind of a company?" Sidney asked still looking only at me.

If he wouldn't stop staring at me, I'd most likely hear Filippa singing "Can't Take My Eyes off You" for the rest of my life.

"it's a Scandinavian dance company, Movemental," I said quickly.

Filippa explained that we were a group of Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish female dancers. We performed various dance styles and we had toured in Europe, Asia and now in North America.

"We're flying to L.A tomorrow." i said.

They seemed to be really interested in our job and they asked all sorts of questions. When the band played their last song Jordan asked if we wanted to have something to eat with them.

"I Was thinking about getting a hot dog." Filippa said.

We walked with hot dogs in our hands. For some reason Filippa and Jordan started to walk couple steps before me and Sidney. They talked about Jordan's Danish last name.

"You had a game here?"

I couldn't stay silent. It felt uncomfortable.

"Yeah. Last night. We were suppose to leave right after it but there was a technical problem with our plane so we're stuck here. But it looks like we'll be able to fly tomorrow morning."

"Was it a good game?"

He nodded and smiled.

"We won 2-4."

i smiled too. I didn't want to tell him how much I had wanted to go to last night's game. Of course I couldn't because of our show. I didn't want him to think I was a fan. Though I was. To be honest it was quite difficult not to scream or hyperventilate. I was walking next to a Stanley Cup champ. Not to mention that he was Sidney Crosby.

"I'd like to see you dnace." he said.

"I can assure you that you play much better than I dance." I laughed.

"You know what, I think you must be a great dancer." he said.

Oh why wouldn't he stop smiling at me like that.

"How come?"

"Well... the way you move. It's hard to explain. Even when you walk you look like you're dancing. And when the band was playing, and you just sat, it looked like you were dancing."

"My mom always says that my cells are dancing. I can't help it." I laughed.

"Well, it's certainly nice to watch."

He was flirting with me. He was flirting with me!

"I think that's a good thing. People who pay for the ticket to see us dancing probably wouldn't be that happy if I sucked."

I was so proud of my self. My voice didn't give anything away.

The same way as he had done earlier in Central Park, he grabbed my arm and stopped me.

"Do you have a pen?" he asked.

He stood near me. I just nodded.

"Okay. Can I use it for a sec?" he laughed.

"Oh... Yeah sure." I almost whispered.

I gave it to him and for mu surprise he took my hand and wrote something on my palm. It turned out to be his cell number and email address.

"Just in case you need a knight an a shining armor." He said with a crooked smile.

In the middle of the night I had to get up. The only way to get him out of my mind was to get his number and email address off my skin. it took a long time to wash the inc away. Soap didn't work so I had to use Filippa's nail polish remover.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Chapter 2. I Think... I Know Him

We went back to our hotel after this incident. I was still really upset about my grandma's gift neckless. My roommate, Filippa, tried to cheer my up by singing every single Dolly Parton song that she knew. But even her out of tune versions couldn't completely bring back my happy mood. She gave up and started packing her stuff into two larger than life suitcases.

"Fippa, I really doubt that you can buy anymore shoes," I said while watching her effort to fit all her new 6 pair of high heels into her suitcase.

"Oh, be quiet! If I don't have enough room, your suitcase is half empty." she laughed.

"I'm not going to carry any of your shoes," I just said and yawned. I was lying on my bed and though it wasn't even dark yet, I felt exhausted. Luckily I had already packed this morning.

There was a knock on the door. Filippa stack her tongue out because I didn't make a move.

"You lazy-ass!" she sighed and opened the door.

It was Vicky holding something behind her back.

"Guess what? I have something that might cheer you up Netsie." she said with a proud smirk on her face.

"Did you find a cure to some illness? HIV maybe?" I said sarcastically. She snorted.

"Netta, honey. Shut up. I have two tickets!" she said with excitement in her voice. I was just about to mention something about plane tickets I had for tomorrow's LA flight, but she raised her finger as a warning.

"I mean it. Shut up! I have two tickets for a jazz concert. You know the add we saw yesterday. You said you'd love to hear them play. Well I worked my magic, and voila, got two tickets. You have exactly 45 minutes to get there. Fippa if you want to go with her, here's the ticket."

"How did you get these?" I asked feeling slightly better than just 30 seconds ago. Vicky looked genuinely happy knowing that she had done something to cheer me up.

The concert was held in a hotel's bar/lobby area. We took our seats at the table. I really loved the atmosphere. It was so cozy with all the candles and silent voices of the midtown around us. The band was amazing and their music really touched me. I was so relaxed that I hardly even noticed my soar muscles, which thanks to our busy show schedule, were a constant pain in the ass nowadays. At some point, Filippa started to move uncomfortably on her chair. I looked at her questioningly. She just shook her head, but I noticed how she quickly glanced over my shoulder. I turned slowly to see what was so interesting, but it wasn't the best idea.

"Oh great. My knights in shining armors," I murmured . I turned my head back. This was so unfair. There were thousands of bars and hotels, but they just happened to be in a same one with me. The two guys weren't alone. There were punch of other men with them.

Filippa bent over the table and whispered: "Nets, don't freak out but they are looking at you."

"Yeah right, they don't even know we're here. I mean there's now way they would even recognize me. " I snorted. I had to take another glance. Unfortunately my eyes met with the one who had dark brown hair. And then it hit me like a lightning:

"Oh my lord! I think I know him."

Chapter 1. I Think... You Run Fast

What the hell was he doing here?. He just stood there looking at me and his lips were slowly turning into a smile. I tried to concentrate. "Saanko mä yhden mansikka juustokakun ja latten kiitos." (Can I have a piece of strawberry cheesecake and a latte, please.) I wrote the order down noticing how my hands started to shake. "Pieni hetki." (Coming right up.) I turned around and walked to the kitchen knowing that he watched my every move. Why was he here? I mean, come on! Why would anyone fly across the Atlantic to Finland after everything that happened?


Our first week in the US had been a success. All of our New York shows had been sold out. Naturally we were exited. It had been a long and hard process bringing our show to North America. Not to mention the fear of not being liked here. Our tour was expensive so every ticket sold was a huge relief.

We decided to celebrate our busy week by going to Central Park with picnic blankets and baskets full of bagels, fruits and soft drinks. Picnics are our tradition. We've had them in 17 different countries and now in 3 continents. "Hey ladies! We've survived New York. I believe we really earned this picnic, and thanks to Mother Nature we don't have to sit here in rain. So skool! (cheers)" Vicky said and raised paper cup filled with diet Coke. "Skool!" People who passed our loud and giggly group looked puzzled. We truly were crazy having a picnic in a chilly weather like this. It was colder than normally, at least according to that funny man who worked in our hotel. But we come from Northern Europe so a "cold" weather is not that big a deal.

Suddenly something happened: a guy with a black hoodie, grabbed my bag which was lying couple feets away from me. He started to run. "Oh no!" I screamed. My neckless was in the back. The chain had broken so I had put it in there not to loose it. It was a gift from my late grandmother. I jumped up and without thinking it through I started to run after the thief. "Netta!" the girls screamed after me, but I didn't even slow down.

Damn he was fast. With will power I started to catch him, but when he realized I was following him he increased speed. "Thief!" I screamed. People turned around but nobody tried to stop him. I noticed that the hoodie guy wasn't the only one being followed. Two guys were running right behind me and the other one grabbed my hand and stopped me. "Hey! What are doing?! Get your hands off me!" I screamed but didn't turn my eyes away from the hoodie guy who was now disappearing from my sight. "Oh man, you're pretty fast." a blonde tall guy said a bit out of breath. I turned towards him. I was extremely pissed off because I realized that there was absolutely no chance for me to catch the hoodie guy anymore. I pulled my hand away from the other guy's (dark brown hair) grip. It was quite hard for me to breathe, though I was in a pretty good shape. "Thanks a lot!" I said and turned away. I heard them chuckle. Idiots! I was so annoyed that I just had to turn back. "Who do you think you are! I could've caught him!" The guys got more serious now. The one with dark brown hair shake his head. "Oh I'm sorry for, most likely, saving your life or atleast saving you from a hospital visit." he said, and to me it seemed like he wasn't afraid of my mad stare. He just stared right back at me. "What are you talking about?" "Well, did it ever cross your mind that he might be carrying something. I don't know... like a knife?" I rolled my eyes and muttered: "Yeah right." The blond one tried to help his friend to make a point. "He could have stabbed you." These guys really irritated me. "Oh wow. You're true heroes. Knights in shining armors. Well thank you for saving my precious life." I said and dramatically curtsied.

A girl