Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chapter 9. I Think... I'm A Wiseass

I didn't know what my "okay" really meant before I was sitting on a luxurious business class seat with flight attendants bringing me every existing drink from Martinis to English tea. I took a deep breath and thought about everything that had happened during last four hours. When I had told the girls I would be leaving them for awhile I had actually felt a lump in my throat. They all hugged me and especially Filippa gave me meaningful looks. And I had meaningfully tried to made her stop since Sidney was just couple feet away and most likely had seen her winks and other ridiculous gestures. Oh Fippa. I was going to miss that little nut case. After a goodbye we drove to the airport and from the airline counter he bought an extra ticket for me telling me to shut up when I almost whined about the price.

So now I was sitting in a very very very fine plane seat with two designer blankets around me. The other one was Sidney's, which he had offered me since one couldn't do the trick of warming me up. I'm always cold. One more ridiculous feature about me since I come from a country where winter lasts 20 months per every year, as I put it when someone (stupid) says that she loves Finnish winter. Ḯ'm a summer person. Unfortunately.

"Maybe you should order something hot to drink." Sidney suggested. I was holding a class of coke with ice on my hands.

"It's alright now. I'm getting warmer. Besides I need my daily coke."

"How's your leg?"

"I think I still have it with me." I smiled. He chuckled. He seemed to be in very good mood.

"I have a game tomorrow but my whole morning is free. I canceled all interviews before the game so..."

"Oh no! You shouldn't have!" I panic-ed.

"Oh come on Nets. Of course I did. If I have a close friend or a family member visiting I always do that."

"Yeah but I could've survived without a babysitter for couple hours." I insisted.

"Well... I wanted to babysit you and I don't do it for the money. I actually like kids."

"Haha! That's very funny." I snorted.

"I am a very funny guy." He said with a straight face. He was, but there was no way I was going to admit that now.

"But as I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me, tomorrow morning we could do something fun together."

"Fun is a limited word right now for me."

"I know. Fun means some activity without any use of female left leg."

"I know! We can hop on one leg! What a great idea."

"Wiseass." He laughed.

"I am extremely wise and, as I've heard, I have a pretty great ass too." I shouldn't have joked like that because what Sidney was about to say next got me cheeks turn into a very dark shade of red.

"I'm not sure about the wise part but yes, your ass is pretty fine." He laughed at my respond. And for a second I thought he was Filippa trapped in a man's body (very fine body) since that teasing look he gave me was quite familiar.

"Oh Netta. What's wrong? You look... I don't know... blushed."
I rolled my eyes. It didn't seem to work the way I wanted because he just continued on this butt matter.

"I did notice it in Central Park. That thief, you remember? I had a perfect view when I was following you with Jordan." His smirked.

"Shut up!" I hissed. That's when I notice how people around us were now quite aware of us. Well mainly about the Golden boy, as I teased him on the phone sometimes.

"People are looking at us." I whispered trying to make him stop.

"They are?" He looked around and nodded to people who, in my opinion, could've just minded their own business.

"But seriously it's just one great feature. But trust me babe, it's a great feature." he whispered to ear.

Damn Sidney! I blushed again and he was enjoying himself.

"If you don't stop that right now, I'm never going to speak to you again."

He just smirked. Annoying gorgeous a**hole.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chapter 8. I Think...I Like Being A Patient

The doctor had told me not to put weigh on my injured leg. And to make my getting-out-of-the-hospital gloriously embarrassing I got crutches.

"You're pathetic with them." Filippa sighed. I wasn't used to walk with crutches so it take a while to get my legs move without falling.

"Come on Nets. I'd like to get to our hotel before the sun comes down." Victoria teased. I just rolled my eyes. Maybe they'd stop if I would just ignore them. Not a chance. They kept teasing me and my lack of body coordination. According to them it was unbelievable that it was my profession to move my body but crutches seemed to be a bit too much a challenge for me. I was all alone against this vicious punch of girls. Sidney had gone to get a taxi for us. For my relief it didn't take long for him to drive to us in one. He stepped out and waved to us. Apparently he his thoughts were similar to girls'. He smiled at me before running to me.

"I think you need some help." He laughed and lifted me up in his arms. I unconsciously put my arms around his shoulders.

"Thanks Sidney. She was slower than a snail." Filippa said dramatically.

Taxi ride to our hotel took too little time. I was sitting between Sidney and Victoria. I could feel Sidney's warmth next to me. And when he was talking he sometimes accidentally touched my leg. And when he gave me a quick glance, I felt that somehow the whole world started to disappear around us, especially Filippa's non-stopping mouth. But as I said, the driver was too good. He chose a quick shortcut and we had to get out of the taxi way too soon. This time he didn't pick me up in his arms, instead he put his arm around my waist and started to support my every step. It felt almost too good to have his arm around me. I caught myself thinking what it would feel like to have his both arms around me.

"Can you take her to our room? I think I saw a drugstore couple blogs away, so I'll go and buy her something to shut her up if the leg starts to hurt again."

"Sure Fippa." Sidney nodded.

My heart started to beat faster. I hoped he didn't notice. Alone with him. I wasn't sure if it was the best thing right now. Especially since I wasn't high anymore. Then again maybe I wouldn't call him Harry Potter again.

Elevator took us to my floor. Victoria went to her own room and left us alone. I refused to think she winked to me before leaving. I gave my room key to Sidney and he opened the door. Thank goodness Filippa had cleaned up. I sat down on my bed. Sidney put my bag down. He looked at me for awhile.

"I have an idea." he came to sit next to me.


"Have you ever been in Pittsburgh?"


"Would you like to come there?"

Okay, call me stupid but it didn't come to my mind that he was "maybe" asking me to come to Pittsburgh.

"It hasn't been on my list of "where I need to travel before dying", but I'm sure it's a great place."

He started laughing.

"You're a bit silly."

He confused me.

"Um... wha..."

"I'm asking you to come to Pittsburgh as my guest." His smile was full of excitement.

"Huh?" My brain was going blank.

"Would you, Netta, I don't know your middle name, Taipale come to Pittsburgh with me?"

"It's Anneli." Was all I could say. Now it was his turn to be confused.

"My middle name is Anneli."

"Okay. Netta Anneli Taipale. What do you say?" He took my hand and his eyes were saying PLEASE.

"I'm on a tour." I said.

"With crutches?"

"I can't dance." I sighed more to myself than to him.

"Exactly. You can't dance with that leg. And if you stay with the girls you constantly think about dancing and how it sucks not to do it. Trust me I know how it feels to be injured. If you come with me, you'll get the needed distraction and I'll... well you would have fun."

"Are you seriously asking me to come?" Sidney's idea hadn't completely sunk in yet.

"Oh yeah."

"You hardly know me," I said in disbelief.

"I've spent hours and hours on the phone with you. I know you enough to know that I'd like you to come. Please say yes."

Every single excuse came to my mind, but still: