Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chapter 15. I Think...It's Finally Time to Say Goodbye to Danny Boy


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My doctor had given me instruction how to exercise my injured leg without damaging the knee completely. Quad atrophy, as the doctor called it, might make it difficult for me to gain back the strength to my leg. That's why it was important to do the exercises regularly so the quadriceps muscle wouldn't start to weaken. Sidney was at the practice. His coach wasn't happy about last night's loss so he came up with extra morning practice to get the team back in shape. I was sitting on his bed and doing knee extensions with a phone book. It felt pretty ridiculous, since I was pretty flexible and now having my heel just couple inches above the bed was a huge accomplishment. After that I did 3 other types of exercises that for some reason were very exhausting for a professional dancer who could do really though routines night after night. After I had decided I had exercised enough I got up and for the first time in many days I started walking without crutches. I laughed at myself because it took forever for me to reach the stairs. The knee still hurt but it was normal, and the doctor had said that the best thing was to move it Little pain was ok but the doctor told me to take it easy, not to push too hard. I finally got downstairs in time to see how Sidney just parked his car. Judging by his body language he was in good mood. I was right. When he stepped in he smiled widely.

"Well, hello there." He said and came to give me a kiss. How weird is this! I can just kiss him.

"Hello to yourself. What's going on Mr sunshine?" Before he answered he crabbed me in his arms and carried me to kitchen. He lifted me on the counter.

"Okay. Now that I'm safely here in the kitchen, would you like to tell me why you're so smiley?" I asked sarcastically.

"I'm happy." He simply stated.

He looked genuinely happy, like a little kid on Christmas day.

"I'm happy your happy." I smiled.

"I'm happy that your happy," he mumbled into my ear and kissed my neck the way that I felt shivers go trough my body.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that. I love your neck." he whispered. I giggled because his lips were tickling my skin.

"You have to stop! You're tickling me." I laughed and tried to push him away, but his hands tightened around me.

After we had eaten all the Chinese food we ordered we were just relaxing on his couch.

"Tell me everything I don't know about you," Sidney said.

"You don't have that much time. You have to leave in 45 minutes," I laughed.

"Tell me something. I've already told you about my family so now it's your turn."

"What do you want to know?" I asked. He looked like he was thinking really hard.

"I want to know your... favorite movie."

"My favorite movie... Schindler's List."

"Okay. Favorite singer slash band?"

"You know this. Nikka Costa."

"Your favorite food."

"You know this too. Thai food."

"You're first boyfriend?" I gave him a warning look.

"Jonas." I said. I was going to make sure that he had to dig really hard to get any information on this subject.


"Yeah Jonas." I smiled.

"So this Jonas dude, is he big. Can I beat him?" I can't believe it, but it seriously looked like he was seriously asking that. I had to tease him!

"I don't know, he is quite big." I giggled inside because he was getting a bit upset.

"But you have your team so that's an advantage, right. They can help you." I couldn't say it with a straight face.

"You're teasing me." He said and smiled.

"Oh yeah! Jonas was my "boyfriend" when we were 9 and only because I told him that if he wouldn't be my boyfriend my brothers would beat him up. So he had to be my boyfriend out of fear."

"Well tell me about your last boyfriend then." This was something I really didn't want to talk about. He was something I didn't want to talk about. It still hurt. But for some reason Sidney's eyes were so convincing that I just had to open my heart to him. I will always remember that moment.

"We met in high school. He was a year older than me. I fell for him hard and really fast. And I guess he did too. It was so ridiculous that even my parents said I couldn't see him anymore. He was like heroin to me. I was a straight "A" student but after I started being with him every second my grades weren't the only thing my parents were worried about. But when he graduated he started his studies in university and he really changed. Suddenly he was welcomed to my house and he even went fishing with my dad. And that's something just anyone won't get to do. Fishing is sacred for my dad. But anyways, I didn't see any faults in him. He was like this creature from heaven. I gave my heart to him and I was stupid enough to think he did the same. He was love of my life. Everything went just fine then. I missed him like crazy when he was away in uni but when he came home on holidays everything was amazing. He was so loving and caring. When I graduated I got a job in a dance school and the producers of Movemental spotted me then. They wanted me to go to Stockholm to audition. And of course I went. When I got back home I got one phone call and one text message. They called from Sweden that I had gotten the job and he texted me that it was time for him to start seeing other people, and that we both new that this high school love affair was just holding us down." I took a deep breath before continuing. I felt my heart once again aching. "I called him of course. He just said that I was a nice girl but nothing more to him. So that's how Daniel broke up with me." I was reliving that phone call in my mind, hearing his indifferent voice and my own sobbing.

"Netta." Sidney whispered. I looked at him and he probably saw the pain in my eyes.

"Yeah?" He took my hands and placed them on his chest then he crabbed my shoulders.

"I will never break your heart." I looked at him and tears started rolling again.

"Thank you. I don't think my heart could take another hit like that."

"Netta, I'm nothing like him. You can always trust me." He was really serious.

"I trust you." I said to him and for the first time I really believed that Daniel hadn't ruined my life completely.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chapter 14. I Think...Sometimes You Just Need A Girl Talk

After I had calmed down he was thoughtful enough to give me my space. He didn't try to have any more nerve wrecking talks about our feelings for each other or other crap like that. He was back being just the great guy whom I really liked. He was funny and goofy and I really enjoyed my time with him as he was being my personal tour guide. I once had told him that every time I go to a new city I want to visit a modern art museum. I don't particularly like modern art. I just find it so strange that I might just stare at one piece for hours. So of course he took me to a modern art museum, The Mattress Factory. I think Sidney was enjoying himself because he realized how much fun I had. Especially the stroll we took around the downtown got me laughing so hard that people probably thought I was mentally challenged.

"I never knew Pittsburgh was such a nice place." I said to him as we were eating our lunch at a Middle eastern restaurant.

"Everybody says that. Even I did." He said. He had just finished his kebab.

"So you like living here?"

"Yeah. I've grown to love this place. It's my home."

I was glad that people didn't come to talk with him though they obviously knew exactly who he was. When we had arrived at the restaurant every female had sighed and all the guys gave a curious look towards him. I think I would have felt really uncomfortable having teenage fans drooling over him just from couple feet away. Because I know how teen girls when it comes to being an obsessive fan. I had my Backstreet Boys obsession phase but luckily it passed.

"Lucky you. I often feel homeless." I sighed. He lifted his eyebrows.

"Why?" That I liked about him. When he listened he really did. He gave all his attention to you.

"Um. I guess it's pretty normal when you grow up all over the world and live all over the world. I mean I can't really say that Helsinki is my home nor is Sydney. I have this constant need of moving around and somehow the thought of staying in one place for a long time scares me... a lot."

"Do you miss Australia?"

"Yes. I really do. I miss how everything was so relaxed. The sun and the people. Everything basically. In a way it was a total opposite to Finland. And me and my brothers had to adjust. They turned out much better though. They are quite sane actually."

"Go figure." He laughed.

"I know!"

After the lunch we headed back to Sidney's place. He had to take his pregame nap. Which meant that I had couple hours alone time. And that basically meant I spoke the entire time on the phone with Fippa who was, in her own words, going crazy without my weirdness. She demanded to know everything but of course she got told only necessary things, like how lovely his house was and how he had took me to see some really weird modern art.

"See Nets! That's exactly what I meant when I say that we are missing all the weird stuff now that you're gone. I mean you're not here dragging us to see some naked guy having a conversation with some magical green bunny/salmon."

"You still haven't get over Tokyo haven't you?" I laughed.

"That naked guy with his supernatural animal friend comes to my dreams occasionally, thanks to you."

"I know! I had him in my dream couple weeks ago. I forgot to tell you about it."

"I don't want to hear about the naked guy, unless..."

"Don't go there, Fipps!" I warned her. She had a sick imagination and even bigger mouth.

"I was just wondering..." she teased me.

"Well, you can keep wondering. Cause it's not going to happen."


"Seriously. How's Vancouver?" I tried to change the subject.

"Everything's about the Olympics. I'm getting so bored of this conversation and it hasn't even started yet. Can we please go back to your and Mr. C's love affair? Besides Vicky is really giving me hard time since you're not passing enough info to satisfy her. So weirdo, give me something juicy."

"Ok, Fippa, you're really testing my patience. I already told you everything you need to know." I laughed at my friends eagerness to hear some juicy details. She was so funny. You should hear her voice.

"Yes. But you haven't told me what I want to know. So keep on talking."

"What do you want to know?"

"Is he a good kisser? That would be a start."

"We haven't kissed."

"Alright, miss liar."

I rolled my eyes when I heard that she whispered my answer to someone right next to her.

"Fipps, you can tell Vicky that it's the truth." There was a moment of silence on the other end of the line. Then I heard how Vicky wanted to have Filippa's cell so she could talk to me. But Filippa, as I figured out, wasn't done talking.

"Netsie baby, here's an evil Swedish woman who's is trying to steal my cell, so forgive me, OUCH! if this doesn't make sense anymore."

I was picturing two of them fighting and it make my giggle.

"Hey girls just in case you haven't killed each others yet, you could turn the speaker on." I swear it didn't take longer that two second for them do it.

"Are you seriously telling me you guys haven't kissed. Honey, we saw how you two look at each other. Please don't tell me you are trying to sabotage this thing?" This time it was Vicky who was talking. She kind of knew my issues with being close to someone.

"I'm not sabotaging anything." I knew that those two girls would immediately hear I was lying. Damn they knew me too well.

"Netta what did you do?" Vicky asked. I could hear from her voice that she was worried.

"Nothing unusual." I sighed.

"Did you push him away?" Filippa asked all serious now.

"What makes you think that?" I asked monotonically.

"The fact that you do that every time." They replied simultaneously.

"I don't." I tried. Even I thought that was quite pathetic. It was like lying about sun being hot.

"We have evidence. Netta, you have to apologize. Don't mess this thing. We won't let you do it. He is too perfect for you. We might have let you do this before but only because those guys, especially that creepy personal trainer, weren't good for you anyways. But we know how Sidney makes you feel. And he is a good guy. He flew to Montreal to see you in a hospital, for crying out lout."

"I know."

"Say you're sorry. And talk to him. Please."

"I think about it." I was not going to promise anything. It was too big a promise. Way too big.

The night's game wasn't really a good game. The Senators won. Disappointed fans slowly left home. I stayed for a while, though we had decided that it would be best if I left right after the game so I didn't have to wait for Sidney. I knew that my taxi was probably waiting for me outside the arena, but for some reason the empty arena was quite mesmerizing. This was his kingdom. Despite of the loss, everyone here believed in him. Must be surreal, I thought. Thousands of people watching your every move and giving you huge pressure but also huge support. I think this place gave him the same kind of high as dancing gave me. Finally I decided to leave. Everyone else were already gone. I knew I had to talk to him. He had said that hard things were usually worth having. This was hard so I prayed that it was also worth having.

I was watching some lame sitcom when he finally came home. He barely said hi. He just sat next to me and stared at the tv.

"This show is garbage." He murmured.

"I know." I replied. He was so upset over the loss. I've never seen him like that before. His eyes weren't full of spark and he didn't come up with some funny stuff he usually did.

We still kept watching it sighing every time the audience started to laugh. I couldn't take it any longer. It was too depressing.

"It wasn't your fault." I began.

"Of course it was. I'm the captain. I should lead my team."

"You did your part." I sighed. I realized it was useless. This post loss depression (as my brother called it) was just something he had to go trough and maybe it was best if I didn't try to to do anything about it. I just might make it worse.

"We have a thing in common." I smiled.


"We're bad losers."

"You're a bad loser?" He asked and though his eyes were still full of disappointment I could hear from his voice that he was interested.

"I had to quit tennis because mom and dad refused to buy me new tennis rackets after those 10 I broke because I lost."

He smiled slightly, but the smile faded.

"I'm sorry you had to see that game." He sighed. I squeezed his hand.

"Don't worry about it. You don't have to prove me anything. I've seen pictures of you and the Stanley cup. I know you're an amazing player and leader. One game won't change that."


I knew this wouldn't be a good moment for me to apologize about my craziness. His mind was still on the game. But somehow I just couldn't stay silent anymore. I had thought about it during the whole game and the time before he came home.

"Sidney, I'm really sorry." I whispered. It took all my courage to say those words.

At first it looked like he didn't even hear what I had said. But after a while he looked confused.

"You're sorry? About what?"

"About how crazy I am." I was trying to find words to continue but it wasn't easy because they somehow were stuck inside me.

"I'm sorry I didn't treat you nicely this morning. I was just so afraid. I still am, but I don't want you to think it has anything to to with you. And you were right. I was injured pretty badly by a guy. And it's still affecting on me. I'm over him but not over all the things he created because of his selfishness. And I feel awful because I treated you really badly though you've only been good to me." I was out of breath. I've never exposed myself like that. I warily looked into his eyes. I couldn't read his expression. Maybe he was angry at me talking about this now when he was so upset already. That made me feel restless.

"Anyway, I hope you'll forgive me."

He kept looking at me. And for my huge relief his eyes were gentle.

"You're forgiven." He whispered and he gently kissed my lips. I'd never been kissed like that. It was like he consider me to be so valuable yet fragile that he had to gentle not to brake me.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chapter 13. I Think...I've Had My Share of Drama

You might think that that night would have ended in very romantic chic flick kind of way. Epic kiss and stuff. But no. He just showed me the guest room. And we said good night. That was my over the top romantic night. It was impossible to sleep, though his guest bed was amazing. It was like sleeping on a cloud. He was on my mind. His eyes mainly. The way they looked at me like they were seeing trough me. The thought gave me shivers. I was terrified to be honest. I had never ever met anyone who had the same abilities as he had. At 3 AM I had to get up. I just needed to get out of that bed and walk and get him out of my system. I tip toed because I didn't want him to wake up. I went to his kitchen to get some water. When I was leaning against the counter I realized I had to get away from him. He was too much. Way too much. I would only get hurt. But I also realized that it was 3 AM and there was really no way to leave now. I didn't now the city and would be just pure insanity to go outside at this hour. And besides where could I go? I knew nobody except him. I sighed in frustration. Then a thought came to mind. A thought which I quickly tried to forget. But it still kept coming back over and over again. Maybe I'm a coward.

"I'm not." I said out loud.

I was pissed off. This inner dialog was so annoying. I was not a coward. I just don't trust my heart. It took a long time to gather its pieces couple years ago so it still might not work properly. I was not going to do it again. I had decided it more than ten times when I had been crying my eyes out because of "the love of my life". Love was overrated. It only made you lonely and left you in agony. So love was a big no no. But I liked Sidney. He was a great guy and I needed him to be my friend.

"We'll be friends." I whispered and I already felt so much better. Relieved.

Next morning I woke up feeling so tired. My night time inner dialog had stolen my precious sleeping time. I tried to cover the black circles around my eyes but I didn't success because when Sidney saw me he looked worried.

"Are you alright?"

"Oh yeah sure." I put my perfect show smile on. He just rolled his eyes.

"Well, sunshine, eat your breakfast."

He had set the table and there were at least 5 type of cereals and yogurts.

"Did you have all these even you were away? I mean this milk is ok, right?" I was skeptic.

"I have someone who takes care of my house when I'm away and she also buys groceries for me."

"Oh. I forgot that you have enough money to hire a nanny. Does she also change your diapers?" I teased him.

"Just eat your toast and shut up." He laughed.

This wasn't hard. Despite couple intimidating looks he gave me, everything was really great. Just two friends hanging and eating breakfast.

"So Crosby, what are we doing today?" I asked genuinely excited.

"I had couple things on my mind." he said and smiled mysteriously. Oh no. He gave me one of his looks. I tried to concentrate on my toast. Suddenly he was really serious.

"Netta, I think we need to talk." I looked at him. Please no more talks.

"Last night." He continued.

"Yeah, about that. Everything is fine." I tried to assure him.

He chuckled.

"Somehow it's hard to believe because you're looking like that."

"Like what?"

"Like a panda."

"I'm seriously fine. Everything's just fine. Great. Wonderful. Awesome even. Are you satisfied or do I have to come up with more adjectives?"

"You know what, you're most likely the worst lier I've ever met." he said and somehow managed to move my chair the way that he was able to kneel in front of me.

"Sidney. Please don't make a big deal out of this. I really like you to be my friend and I'm..."

"You want me to be your friend?" He looked puzzled and maybe disappointed. For a second we were completely silent and just stared at each other. Then happened something I would never had expected. He got mad.

"Ok Nets.Just tell me how do you think that's gonna happen, huh? You keep sending me signals and then you just do that! I don't want to be your friend."

"You don't?" I felt a huge lump in my throat.

"You're not listening. Being friends isn't enough."

I felt how tears started to roll down my cheeks. I tried to stand up, but Sidney instantly pulled me down. He tried to calm down but his voice was still pretty tense.

"Netta, what you're doing is ridiculous. We both no it. Please look at me."

"I can't."

"Ok, but you have to admit that there is something going on between us. And don't you dare to call me your friend. Because I can't be that."

"Why?" I felt horrible. I was mentally packing my bags so I could storm out as fast as possible when this torture was over.

"Because." He was so intense that it scared me. And I couldn't get away because I was trapped on my chair because he was making sure I could not get up.

"Do you always run away?" He asked and now his voice had normal gentle tone back which he had when he spoke to me.

"I don't run away." I said avoiding his eyes. He was right. When things get hard I run. Like a scared dog with its tail between legs. I'm not good with situations.

"Tell me about him." He said quietly.

"About who?" I was confused.

"About the guy who broke your hart."


"You act like you have made somekind of a deal with yourself never to let anyone close to you. SO who did this to you."

Now it was my time to get angry. This was none of his business. How dared he speak to me like that.

"It's not your business." I heard myself scream. "You better let me go now. And do me a favor, call some airline. I need a ticket."

"Calm down." He said and the way he said it pissed me off. It was like he was talking to a child.

"I'm not going to calm down. You crossed a line. It is not your business. And even if it was true, I don't need a shrink. And if I needed one it certainly would not be you!" The more upset I got more calmer he looked. That jerk!

"If your not going to calm down soon I think that vein on your forehead is going to explode." He tried to be funny.

"I don't want to be near you! You do this thing to me. I'm not me when I'm with you! So let me get up. Right now!"

"And you want to be friends? When I have this "power" over you." He looked like he had won which made me so angry that I almost slapped him.

"You bastard. You're enjoying yourself." I hissed under my breath.

"Honey, calm down." He said and gently touched my cheek. I immediately pushed his hand away.

"I'm not your honey." I whispered.

For some reason I was really exhausted. This was so overwhelming. I hated conflicts. And especially this one felt awful. Maybe because he didn't do what people normally let me do. He didn't let me run. He made me face this thing though it was the last thing I wanted.

"I don't want to yell anymore." I whispered.

"Good." He smiled.

"But don't think it's because you're right. I'm just too tired to do it. I'm tired of this." I was too tired even to stop him from pulling me from the chair and hugging me so tightly that it was hard to breath.

"If I ever meet that guy, I'm going to beat the grab out of him."

"I'd like that." I whispered.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chapter 12. I Think...I Want to Win This Battle

I could literally hear Frank Sinatra singing Fly me to the moon. The night was so beautiful that it almost took my breath away.

"Sid, this is so crazy." I whispered afraid that all the stars would magically disappear if I spoke loudly. He nodded and took my hand and pulled me with him. We leaned against the balcony railing.

"How can it be so beautiful?" I sighed. "The night sky I mean."

"When you talked about your hotel balcony on the phone I really wanted to show you mine." He smiled.

"This is like perfect Romeo and Juliet balcony." I was thinking out loud. I heard him laugh quietly.

"I've never thought about that." He said and we both laughed. It was weird hearing our voices in unison. It felt wonderful but after a moment it scared me. It was like our voices belonged together. I know it sounds weird. I am a total weirdo and it's all his fault. Why do I have to keep convincing everybody including me that I haven't lost my mind because this random guy I met in New York.

"Are you ok?" he asked concerned.

"Um... yeah. Why are you asking?"

"I don't know... Minute ago you were all happy and relaxed and suddenly you're really tense." His perspicacity surprised me. I was usually pretty good in hiding my feeling from other people.

I was going to lie. I even had a perfect lie on my mind. Something about being tired and worried about my injury... But for some reason my lips refused obey my brain.

"I'm freaking out." I heard myself saying. What! Shut up stupid mouth. Now I should explain that to him.

"You are?" he was really calm. This was so unfair.

"Yep." I prayed that he would be satisfied with that short three letter answer but I guess God was not listening right now.


I kept my eyes away from his. I looked everywhere else. His shoes, his hands, the railing and even my own shoes.

"Um... I don't know." I tried, but no.

"Netta, seriously. You're not getting off the hook before you tell me." I could feel his eyes on me. Damn, I was in trouble.

"You know what... It's getting late. Maybe we should continue this conversation tomorrow." Or never I added in my mind. I started to go towards the door.

"Netta." his voice was so firm that it made me stop.

"You're not going anywhere until you tell me." he said and to add credibility he placed himself between the door and me. I felt my heart rate rising. Maybe heart attack could safe me from this. But no heart attack, just shaky hands. And panic attack.

"I-I-I don't want to talk about it." I stuttered. He was not giving up, instead he crossed his arms to his chest. It was like he was ready for a battle. Well if he wanted a battle he was going to get one. I was determined not to tell him anything.

"I'm not going to talk about it." I said with fake firmness. I guess I wasn't really convincing. He had a arrogant smirk on his face. "

Oh no! You are not winning this one." I thought.

"If I don't want to talk about it, you just have to accept it." He took couple steps towards me. Now there was no safety gap (as I call it) between us. He could feel my rapid breath on his skin, the same way I could feel his even and slow on mine.

"I'm not going to let go." He whispered into my ear. This time my eyes refused to obey my brain because they somehow caught his intense stare.

"Please." This time I prayed him. He didn't listen either instead he gently touched my chin. And just then I knew I lost this battle. I didn't have to say anything. He noticed how I reacted to his touch. He smiled at me. Gone was that arrogant smirk. His smile was so gentle and warm. Suddenly I found myself in his arms and I let my forehead rest against his chest.

"I like freaking you out." he whispered and his arms tightened around me.

"You're a horrible person." I sighed and Sidney burst into laughter.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chapter 11. I Think... He Could Fly Me to The Moon

For hours we just sat there, on his couch and talking. He occasionally rubbed my healthy knee which caused electrical shocks all over my body. I don't know why but for some reason I didn't want him to see my reactions or give anything away. I just wanted him to think that I considered him as a friend. And he didn't not have this crazy power over me. To be honest it scared me. I'm a person who needs to be in control. When I was with him I lost the control over myself. I think this thing with him was really a paradox because I he made me want more but at the same time I didn't want to let go.

"When did you start to dance?" he asked.

"Um... I don't know. I've danced as long as I can remember. But I was five when mom took me to ballet lessons and it kinda went from there."

"Do you ever feel like you'd like to do something else?" his voice was intense and I got the feeling he had thought about that question himself.

"Yeah sure. Sometimes. I'd love to teach. But when I think about it really hard I just feel so blessed because I can live my dream. The feeling I get when the song starts and your heartbeat raises because you know people are looking at you, your every move... I think it's much more powerful than any drug."

"Teacher? Really?" he looked surprised.

"Yes. Why are you so surprised?"

"I don't know. You just don't come across like a teacherish."

"Teacherish." I laughed. "What do you think I should do if I wasn't a dancer?"

"Let me think. Modeling." I playfully kicked his stomach.

"Be serious!" I laughed.

"Okay. You could totally do it, though. But a serious job... (he did the quotation marks with his hands) You could be a nurse."

"I hate blood. And pain."

"So not a nurse. What about a hot flight attendant?"

"Thank goodness you weren't my guidance counselor in high school. I just might be a hot modeling flight attendant." I smiled. "What about you? Are you ever tired of being a hockey god?"

His smile slowly faded and his eyes suddenly looked tired. For a moment I thought he had forgotten my existence.
"I sometimes dream about being just a guy from Cole Harbor." He sighed.


"Well, I love hockey, don't get me wrong, but everything that comes with it... it's exhausting."

"But is it worth it?" I asked.

"Not always." I was bit shocked because of his answer.

"I'm sorry." I whispered and squeezed his hand on my knee. He smiled at me.

"But I wouldn't change anything. It's hard, but I guess everything worth having is."


Suddenly he jumped off the couch and pulled me with him. He started pulling me towards the stairs.

"I need to show you something." He whispered when he practically carried me upstairs. I noticed that he was really excited. He took me trough the upstairs' hallway to big class door which apparently led to balcony.

"DO you remember last week when I called you?" He had called me everyday so I was confused what he was talking about.

"You were on the hotel balcony and you said I should see the stars. That night I decided that if you'd ever come to Pittsburgh we should sit on my balcony and just look at the stars."

He opened the door and we stepped out.

"Wow." I sighed when he pointed at the full moon.