Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chapter 27. I Think...I have to get out

Out of the corner of my eye I saw it happen. At first I thought it was nothing. Sidney was standing near the staircase that led to Restaurant's roof terrace. He was leaning against the wall and was having a conversation with a beautiful woman. They talked. Nothing special. But still I was feeling restless. Not jealous but restless. But then something happened. The woman leaned against him, whispered something into his ear. For a while they didn't speak. I could only Sidney's back but the women's expression was very tender and she looked at Sidney with a small smile. Then she gently touched his arm, then his cheek. I was getting dizzy. The last thing I saw was his hand on her shoulder and her  lips kissing his cheek. 

I have to get out. 

The taxi was waited me as I tried to find my passport and pack my stuff. I was in a hurry. I didn't want Sidney to to realize that I had left the party and was at his house trying to get my stuff so I could leave. Leave for good. I kept looking out of the window hoping not to see his car. He didn't come. I ran outside ignoring my injury. 

"To the airport."

The driver just nodded. He had noticed the tears and my panic, but he knew better not to ask anything.  I watched as the house disappeared from my sight. 

"Goodbye," I whispered and closed my eyes.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chapter 26. I Think about will power

Hey gals! It's been a long long long time, but I'm back and story of Netta and Sidney will continue.

For some reason, he didn't turn me into a mad woman anymore. It was like a line had been crossed. I really knew he loved me and I actually wasn't afraid of it. Everything was so comfortable now. I guess he had fixed me. It's amazing what love can do.

"I love you." He whispered into my ear, and with a curious look as he tried to read my reaction.

"I'm not freaking out." I laughed.


We had this conversation several times the following day. And every time he told me that he loved me, I started to believe that God had created him because of me.

"Nets! Come on! We're already late." I could hear him yelling downstairs. I quickly added just a bit more lipstick.

"Well that's not my fault." I laughed.

We had been, well lets just say that we were doing what people who are madly in love do.

"Netta. I'm leaving in two minutes, with or without you." He chuckled.

I was finally ready. We were going to one of Sidney's friends engagement party. And because it was not just a beer night with guys but an upscale event, I had done my best to look good, since I knew he would look amazing in his tux. I stepped out of the bathroom making sure that I had my scarf and handbag with me. I was half way down the staircase when Sidney turned to me. He looked at me without saying a word.

"Do I look alright?" I asked selfconciously.

"Yeah you look alright, silly. You look wonderful."

"Thank you."

He took my hand and helped me down, because my leg still wasn't perfectly healed.

"I think I'll be having hard time tonight keeping all the single guys away from you."

"I know." I laughed.

The party was held in a downtown restaurant. I didn't know any of the guests, because none of Sidney's teammates were there. It was a bit overwhelming to meet so many new people. After Sidney had introduced me to at least 40 people, I excused myself and went to the ladies' room. I was still inside a stall as I hear two girls speaking, unaware of my presence. 

"Did you see her?" The girl, with low sexy voice, asked. She was trying to sound indifferent.

"Yeah. I wasn't expecting it at all." The other one said and continued: "I mean, I thought he would be a bit more discreet than this... To bring her here. I wonder what Anne thinks. She must be devastated. What an asshole!" 

I tried to be quiet because I realized they were talking about me, Sidney and Anne. The girl whose Daniel Sidney was. The last thing I wanted was to face this two gossipers.

"I know. I really don't get it, though. Why would anyone bring their new "girlfriend" (though I couldn't see, I knew she did the quotation marks with her fingers) to their ex's brother engagement party?"

What! Seriously? Sidney had never mentioned that the couple was somehow related to the famous Anne. I was getting upset. He should have told me.  The girls left. I took a deep breath. How embarrassing! I opened the stall door and stepped out. It took ten minutes for me to gain enough courage to leave the ladies' room. I tried to forgot the conversation I had just eavesdropped. 

I tried to concentrate on getting to know Sidney's friends. I smiled and laughed. But the truth is, I was  upset and I had to use all my will power not to let it show. 

But then something happened. It changed everything.